How to Pick a Pharmacy Discount Card

There are many things to consider when making the decision to choose a pharmacy discount card. The choice becomes even more difficult when you don’t know what a pharmacy discount card really does for you. At Community Cares Rx, it is important to us that you are not only educated about pharmacy discount cards, but that you also are receiving the treatment you deserve and you aren’t overcharged for the prescriptions you need.

What is a Pharmacy Discount Card?

A pharmacy discount card is a free card that you can use to receive savings on your prescriptions. All FDA-approved brand name and generic drugs are eligible for a discount at thousands of pharmacies across America. The biggest reason Americans don’t purchase the medications they need is cost-related, but a pharmacy discount card can help ease the burden of hefty prescription prices.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Using a Community Cares Rx pharmacy discount card, savings can vary from 20 percent on brand name prescriptions up to 70 percent on generics. Prices vary depending on the pharmacy, so doing research prior to your prescription purchase can ensure maximum savings. To locate participating pharmacies, visit our pharmacy locator.

Why Should I Choose Community Cares Rx?

At Community Cares Rx, our free discount card has no restrictions on who can receive prescription discounts. It is extremely accessible for all family members to use. With more than 57,000 participating pharmacies, Community Cares Rx makes it convenient and affordable for you to use your pharmacy of choice.

“With Community Cares Rx, you can access regional preferred providers for even better savings, and research key information about your medications,” said Michael Sallusto, executive vice president of Paramount Rx, Inc.

Community Cares Rx also makes it easy to obtain the card – all you have to do is visit the Community Cares Rx website to generate your card and print it in one click, said Sallusto. The drug pricing tool can also be used to find the real-time lowest pharmacy options for your medications.

“In addition to having some of the most competitive pricing in the marketplace, Community Cares Rx works to give back in the communities they serve by partnering with pharmacy providers to deliver health and wellness initiatives to members of the community,” Sallusto said.

A Community Cares Rx pharmacy discount card can save you money, help you locate the trusted brands most accessible to you, and contribute to community initiatives –all for free. So what are you waiting for? Print our free discount card today!

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